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Logo competition for the Kormakitis Centre of Cooperation

The evaluation process of the proposals submitted for the KCC logo as a result of the open competition announced in October 2021 has been completed. More than 15 proposals were submitted by professionals from all parts and communities of Cyprus, out of which that of Mr. Aytaç Ali Baklaci, Architect and Director of AAB Arch was selected, following an evaluation and voting procedure by the KCC Board. In a modest ceremony in Kormakitis, the Chairman, Mr. Antonis P Skoullos, awarded on behalf of the Board the symbolic award to the Mr. Baklaci, conveying the warm thanks of the Board for his participation. Receiving the award, Mr. Baklaci wished the KCC every success in its mission and expressed his commitment to be present in any call and invitation for participation and contribution. Thanking Mr. Aytaç, Mr. Skoullos reiterated the vision and mission of the KCC and assured him that this is only the beginning of a cooperation that looks forward to the near future. The meeting ended with lunch at the well-known Giorgo Kasap restaurant of Maria and was followed by a tour of the construction sites of the Center as well as the village.

The KCC logo expresses its vision and mission as it conveys messages of peace, coexistence, cooperation, and togetherness in a multicultural common homeland.

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