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The Centre will give young people and organisations from all Cypriot communities the opportunity to take part in a variety of cultural and educational activities. Each year, more than 200 young people are expected to benefit from camping activities, more than 600 visitors from cultural activities, and up to 75 children from educational activities.


  • Picturesque location, in Kormakitis village, facing Kormakitis Peninsula unparalleled landscape.

  • Brand new, state-of-the-art, energy efficient building with two levels.

  • Ample parking and outdoor areas within walking distance from village centre.

  • Easy access for every visitor to all building facilities via ramps and elevator.

  • The Centre can host approximately 70 visitors offering basic hostel level accommodation facilities and catering.

  • Fully equipped classrooms for up to 60 students teaching capacity.

  • Well-equipped, versatile spaces for a range of activities, such as conferences, workshops, meetings, press conferences, and exhibitions. The rooms can be set-up according to the needs of each event.

  • Multipurpose, fully equipped, auditorium type room with 150-200 seats capacity.

Ground Floor

3 Classrooms

Reception area

Service rooms


Restaurant / conference hall


1st Floor

4 dormitories with bathroom facilities

A room for educators

Services rooms


Between LAND, SEA, and … HEAVEN!

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