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KCC Olive tree plantation by the US Ambassador 5.12.2022

In the context of a modest ceremony held on Monday, December 5th in Kormakitis village, H.E. US Ambassador Judith Garber planted the first new tree in the gardens of the newly build Cooperation Center established with the support of the European Union in Kormakitis. This symbolic gesture of the American Ambassador by planting the olive tree of peace confirms as she emphasized, the strong commitment of the US Embassy to work with the Kormakitis Centre for Cooperation (KCC) for the creative coexistence and peaceful future of Cypriots. "I feel strongly", said Mrs. Garber characteristically in the context of the ceremony, "that this Center will be a point of reference for all of Cyprus and I assure you that the USA will be here with you to support this great vision of cooperation and of peace". On behalf of the Maronite Community, the Maronite Representative Mr. Yiannakis Mousas expressed to the Ambassador of the USA our appreciation and gratitude for the trust and support. H.E. the Maronite Archbishop Selim Sfeir took the opportunity to request from the Ambassador of the good services of the USA in supporting our efforts to return to our villages, especially to Ayia Marina and Asomatos which were converted to military camps. In his remarks the Chairman of KCC expressed his wish that this olive tree becomes the lighthouse for peace and love and let its shadow embrace all those peacemakers and servants of KCCs mission and vision, which is ‘’ To serve the reconciliation and coexistence of Cyprus multi communal landscape, aiming to a unified European country, looking forward into the future for progress, development, and collaboration.’’

In the photo from left to right: H.E. the Archbishop Selim Sfeir, Antonis Skoullos Chairman of KCC, Valentinos Koumettou, Chairman of the School Board and Deputy Muxtar of Kormakitis, Marios Simkassis, KCC Board Member, Yiannakis Mousas, Maronite Representative and H.E. the US Ambassador Judith Garber.

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