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Özge Özbekoğlu

Özge Özbekoğlu was born in 1979 in Nicosia. She has strong experience and background in cultural heritage, conservation, engineering, archaeology and architectural projects.

She specializes in Cypriot heritage also has MA in Conservation of Historical Buildings in York/UK  and  a proof of commitment to the field. Her bureau is extremely experienced in cultural heritage projects working for USAID, UNDP, local administration, EVGAF,  USAID,  EU and private institutions.


Besides architectural services, it has been dealing with pesticide-free agriculture since 2014 and currently produces pesticide-free purple potatoes in EU standards.


Since 2016, she has completed the restoration of a historical Ottoman mansion within the walls of Nicosia called ‘TasEV’ and operates it as a boutique hotel / art gallery.


Özge Özbekoğlu has been organizing social, cultural and sports activities for children and helping many children in need with the CENGO foundation, of which she is the founder and president, since 2020. It is a foundation that designs, implements and presents playgrounds and sports fields to children.


She volunteers at many other NGOs and spends every day taking our country one step further.

The institutions/organizations it serves and is a member of are as follows.



  •      Union of Chamber of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects

  •      Union of Chamber of Turkish Architects in Turkey

  •      Union of Health and Safety Experts – General Secretary

  •      Cengo-V Foundation - Founder, Head of Foundation – Working for Children and Youth

  •      GIKAD (Entrepreneurial Women Association)

  •      GIKA-KOOP - Entrepreneurial Women Cooperation - founding and board member

  •      Center for Cooperation Kormakitis

  •      TRNC Organic producers Association

  •      TRNC Farmers Association

  •      KTTD – Cyprus Small Hotels Association – founding member

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